Web Designing

In general, any website has two different parts, the Front-end and the Back-end. Front-end contains all the user specific components of the website like User Interface, graphics, page layout and content. Website designing refers to a mixture of all these aspects of the front-end part of any website.

“At Webeedream we have a team of professionals working on the various aspects of website designing.”

UI/UX designers map out a wireframe model of the website which then goes into the development process. A bunch of tools and scripting languages are used to create the user end of the website. We also provide dynamic and interactive web portals.

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Process of Web Designing

- as explained earlier, planning is the most important aspect of almost every task. In web designing, planning refers to getting the wire-frame structure ready and obtaining necessary server permissions and space to deploy the website.
– after we have the basic structure ready, now it’s time to put different parts of the visual spectrum into its respective places. This is where the UI/UX team comes into play.
– development is like finalising the design process with a solid website as the outcome. This is where most of the programming takes place.
- this is the last stage in front-end development where the visual aspects of the website are put live on the server and checked across different browsers.